Good Judgment is the result
of experience and Know-how

We truly believe that a renowned corporate law firm also has to boast a strong academic pedigree.

HLMK’s partners have gained an excellent reputation based on well-founded presentations and lectures they have given over the last few years. The attorneys of our law firm engage in activities beyond high-level seminars, e.g. on current issues related to directors’ liability; they are also held in high esteem at universities and other institutions of higher learning, where they can share their know-how and expertise, for example as lecturers on companies law as well as legal matters in the healthcare sector.

HLMK’s legal experts conduct intensive research, which is evidenced by regular publications in renowned trade journals as well as book publications, some of which have received coveted academic awards.

Gerhard Hochedlinger, E.M.L.E.
Wolfgang Luschin LL.M. (NYU)
Johannes Marenzi LL.M.
Ingo Kapsch
Monika Ploier
Paul Höntsch
Lucas Wallner, LL.M. (WU)

As author or co-author